700 servers.

Unlimited bandwidth. Unlimited server switches.

Access the most powerful VPN through our app on any device.

  • Switch Locations

    Access content regardless of regional blocking by switching your VPN location.

  • Fastest Servers

    Automatically connect to the least busy server in your selected virtual location.

  • Unlimited Bandwidth

    Both our free and Premium services give you faster, more efficient access to content.

Block ads, trackers, and analytics on both desktop and mobile.

Save up to 30% of your data traffic with integrated compression.

Own DNS servers. Strict no log policy.

Never route others through your device.

  • Online Privacy

    Your privacy is protected behind our IP addresses over clearnet or Tor exit nodes using the Onion network.

    • TOR Inside

      DotVPN lets you surf .onion websites in your favorite browser.

    • 4096-Bit Key Encryption

      Our Premium network uses stronger encryption than our competitors or even governments use.

  • Open Internet

    Access all websites, video and audio streaming services, and social networks. Choose your virtual location from over 10 countries. Bypass ISP throttling.

  • Simple and Easy

    Connect with a single tap. Disconnect with a single tap.

  • Protect Your Devices

    Our network-integrated firewall blocks hacker attacks on your desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

  • Wi-Fi Security

    Blocks all unregistered inbound connections, including DDoS attacks and packet sniffers.