Refund Policy

This Refund Policy (hereinafter - Policy) governs the relationship between Smart Security Ltd. (hereinafter - the «we», «us», «Company»), which assumes the obligation to refund payment in accordance with the Policy, and users of the services (hereinafter - the «you», «you», «User», «Customer») which in turn undertake to respect (not violate) Policy, Terms of Use, the User Agreement.

We make every effort to accommodate all customer requests and to make our service convenient and qualitative. If you are not satisfied with the service or the service for any reason is not good for you, you can send us a request for the return of paid monies under this Policy.


Refund Policy of the Company is based on the following principles:

Principle of payment refund only for Customer who lawfully use the services of the Company in its activities and does not violate the laws of Hong Kong.

Principle of payment refund only in the absence of violations of the Policy, Terms of Use, the User Agreement.

Principle of refund of those payments, which in fact and law may be returned by the Company.


You are entitled to a full refund for the new order under the following conditions:

• Your request for a refund is filed within 30 days from the date of order;

• Your account has not been temporarily blocked by us in connection with your violation of our terms of service delivery;

• You have used less than 10 GB of bandwidth (the total amount of incoming / outgoing information through the Service);

• Number of your connections to our service does not exceed 100;

• You asked for a solution to a technical problem with the Service in support of the Company, and received an official response on the impossibility of its elimination;

• Previously you did not claim the refund under this Policy.

If the amount of your inbound / outbound traffic exceeded 10 GB or order was made by you more than 30 days ago, we have the right to charge a pay for excess volume of your traffic and make you a partial refund. Such return is at our sole discretion.

Guarantee of refund applies to all new orders, with the exception of orders paid through the Apple iTunes Store. We can not return the money for such orders.


For the return of funds you need to make the following:

• You should have proof of treatment in technical service company for a solution to a technical problem.

• You should send a letter to with your username of the Service and your reasons for refusal of service.

Company is considering your appeal within ten (10) working days and send to your email positive solution with the path refund or a reasoned refusal to refund with the reasons.

You can cancel your request for a refund by logging into your «Control Panel» and go to the «Manage Account», where you will find the appropriate button cancel. If you have any difficulties related with this issue, you can contact our customer support