Privacy Policy

Please read our Privacy Policy. In this section of our Site, we describe how (hereinafter - Website, DotVPN) handles your personal information, what information about you we collect and store what rules define your interaction with us.

The main objective of DotVPN is to ensure your privacy, security and anonymity online. We never represent information about you to the third parties.


Site and the services available through it, are under the control of Smart Security Ltd. (the «Company»). Registered office: 18/F., Wanchai Central Building, 89 Lockhart Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong.

We are a leading supplier of tools to protect the confidentiality and anonymity in the Internet.

The Company undertakes to ensure the protection of your confidential information. Our Privacy Policy explains what information we collect about you, how we use the information we collect about you, how you can let us know if you prefer to limit the use of such information. Policy also establishes a set of procedures used by us to maintain the confidentiality of your information.

By providing your information, you consent to use such information in accordance with this privacy policy. If we change our privacy policy, any changes will be posted on this page without prior notice.

If you have any questions regarding these terms, please contact us by e-mail ( Our privacy policy (the «Privacy Policy») applies when using our site. Before you start to use our site, carefully read the privacy policy. Starting to use the Website, you automatically accept our privacy policy and agree to comply with its provisions. If you do not agree with our privacy policy, please refrain from using of our Site.


In order to provide services through the Site, we may collect personal information that will be used solely for display and personalization user personal cabinet for ease of administration and development services.

The company collects and stores the following information about users:

• During registration, we will save your email address and password (in encrypted SHA256). We will need your user name and password for access you to the web control panel and to download software DotVPN. We need your email address to reset your password or if you want to receive our newsletter. We use personal information to provide services, which you ask us to provide. Unless you notify us that you do not wish to receive such information, we may occasionally inform you of our products and services. Informing us by email or by phone your personal information, you hereby consent to our use of your information in order to this Policy.

• We store your IP address within 24 hours since you last connected. We need your IP-address to prevent spam, fraud or other abuse of our Site and our services.

• We store the date of registration of your account to its own statistics, and to provide you in the future with favorable terms of use of the service and loyalty programs, about which you can read in the news section of the Website.

• We store information about payment dates of subscription fee for the regulation and control of the timely payment and repayment of debts.

• Where appropriate, we may store information on the software version used by the user to ensure compatibility with products and services.

• Data obtained during contacts with tech support or leaving comments on our Website. When you leave a comment on our website or contact our technical support service, we can keep your data up to two years if the legal reasons and exceptional circumstances require longer storage.

We do not save or store users’ credit card information. Payments by credit cards are processed in real-time by authorized agents. Withdraw funds from the credit card is automatically and instantly. We do not store credit card data and other payment information. If the need to return of funds to the user, it is credited to the user’s credit card through authorized agencies.


We do not sell or share your personal data, do not provide access to the history of user connections services to third parties. The only exception is decision of the Hong Kong Court with a demand to provide such access to representatives of law.

We reserve the right to use the information we collect for the following purposes:

We may contact you by e-mail on quality issues or technical problems and other issues related to the Service, and for notification of changes in the composition and properties of services and information.

We may contact you to notify you about the expiration of Contract and offer the prolongation of services.

With your permission, we may contact you by email for notifications about new DotVPN services and special DotVPN offers.

Your personal information that you trust us is stored on servers in Hong Kong. Only authorized DotVPN employees have access thereto, including our representatives located in other countries who can get access to some of the information regarding payment issues and the quality of services, and other information necessary for the development of services and assistance to users in a particular country.

We may share the information which is necessary for the implementation of services to third parties only with your permission. If our business will be subject to a merger or acquisition with another company, your information may become available for new business partners and owners. If only the law will not require it, we will not disclose, sell or distribute the information that we provide by users without their consent.


All information about customers, including their user names and passwords are stored in encrypted form. Algorithms used by us to protect the information can not be hacked by any of the currently existing methods. Multi-level corporate authentication system that we use ensures that access to your data will be provided only to those employees who are directly involved you acquire services.

Among DotVPN company there is a strict data protection system, suggesting heavy fines and even criminal liability for unauthorized access and distribution of our data.