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DotVPN is a very useful tool to access websites and applications with geographic blocking. However, in some cases, website or service can identify your location in the wrong way, although you are connected through the DotVPN server located in the right country. This error can occur for many reasons, in some cases the problem can be solved by using stated below options.

Try the following steps to get the access to the website or service:
Close all Google accounts on your device. During the logging on Google saves the IP-address in its own cache that sometimes allows to determine your actual location.
Turn off services and applications on the device, which determine your location via the GPS or by any other means.
Clear the cookies and browser cache, delete all temporary files.
Disconnect from the DotVPN and then reconnect to get a new IP-address.
Change the time zone on your device. Set the time zone, corresponding to the location of DotVPN server to which you are connected. If you are connected to the Wi-Fi network and have the access to the router, change the Wi-Fi (SSID) network name. Add SSID "_nomap" (without the quotes) at the end. Then reconnect the device to the wireless network in order to access the Internet.
If none of these methods does not help, you can contact our support team. Specialists will try to do the best helping you to cope with the inconvenience in the working process.

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