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Most users of DotVPN can hardly note any difference in surfing speed as our service is highly optimized and consumes very little resources. Though a connection to any VPN server decreases the speed as there are some extra hops in the chain. There are other factors that can affect the connection speed:

- Servers can be overloaded. Most of free servers are overloaded from time to time due to the large number of users. Premium servers are much more powerful, if you use premium servers you will avoid any overloads! Speed ​of the ​Premium accounts remains high all the time.
- Provider. Some internet service providers slow down encrypted connections. This is more and more common practice. Providers can reduce the data rate of the UDP protocol or even ban the use of encrypted communications.
- Geographical location. Here everything is quite simple. Add physical distance between your location and our VPN server and the distance from our VPN server to your destination and you have the idea. Higher number means slower connection.
- Connect via WiFi. When using VPN еру speed is greatly reduced if the wireless connection is not that stable.
- Additional VPN services. If you have installed an application from a different VPN service provider the settings for DotVPN may var.
Of course, it all depends on the type of your account. Premium account is much faster and safer than free one. Try Premium to test it personally free to make sure it is much better than the free subscription!

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