The difference between DotVPN and similar services

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We have all reasons to call our DotVPN a revolutionary solution that is second to none! Unlike other VPN plug-ins, DotVPN does not only change your IP address. It is the first plug-in of the kind that actively protects your personal information and uses a strong traffic encryption system, so that no hacker can gain access to your data!

If you use any other plug in for your VPN connection, potential attacker still have a chance to get your data. With DotVPN he has no chance! Even if to assume that the hacker somehow intercept the data that you pass, he will receive a strange set of data, some abracadabra, and nothing more. The encryption protocols used in the DotVPN system deliberately exclude any chance to decode your traffic. It means that no one except you will know what information was passed through.

The DotVPN service also blocks intrusive advertising, tracking and analysis of user activity, personal or mass hacker attacks. There is not other service comparable to ours by reliability!

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