DotVPN: How does it work?

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When you click on the Internet link to open the page, you send the signal, like you want to say the following: "Hey, show me the page where I can watch the video." This signal is called the query, and every query contains the unique identification number of your device — IP-address. With this address, the server determines the very point of destination for your information to be sent. It gets the message of the following type: "Hey, the query came from here, send the information to this address." It seems to be a simple and convenient scheme, but in practice it is not so. The server using the IP-address can determine your location and refuse to release the information, if the blocking takes place. But the problem remains in the past, when you use the DotVPN connection. You no longer directly connect to Internet servers — every query goes through our VPN-servers and is becoming anonymous. Personal data is encrypted so that no one else can determine your actual location. You can choose the country of VPN-server location.

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